Keynotes, Seminars, and Workshops

1. How to Create Confidence and Self-Empowerment by Enhancing Your Personal Image

Learn how to catapult your confidence by knowing how to effectively present yourself to your best advantage in any business or personal situation — even in this overly casual and comfort-driven world. Discover Eve’s quick and proven methods to image improvement and learn the reasons why your appearance really matters. This presentation will help you feel more empowered to excel as the positive cycle of success becomes yours.

Learn How To:

  • Create More Confidence Through Your Image
  • Implement Ways to Look More Professional Quickly
  • Communicate Effectively Through Your Appearance
  • Create More Credibility as Your Image Begins to Send the Right Image More Consistently    
  • Attract Much More Success Easily

2. How to Create Instant Influence Through Image Empowerment

Learn to become an “influencer” instead of a follower. Get noticed for your education, experience, and expertise as your image brands you in the right way. Find out how to command instant respect and admiration from the moment you enter a room. This knowledge is often the most overlooked asset of your success. In this presentation, you will learn how to think, create instant rapport, and influence in any business situation.

Learn Ways To:

  • Influence Others to Attract More Business and  Improve Personal Relationships
  • Stop Missing Opportunities That Can Advance Your Career and Your Income
  • Create a Personal Image That Gets You Recognized As an Expert in Your Field
  • Make a Positive and Powerful First Impression Every Time

3. Make Me Over! How to Dramatically Improve Your Personal Image From Head to Toe

During this presentation, you will uncover the KEY components to quickly improve your image. Learn the skills to looking amazing every day. Discover how to wear more flattering colors and shapes, learn tips to tailoring and grooming, plus much more. You will walk away from this presentation with newfound knowledge and strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your image — allowing you to look and feel better about your overall appearance. Discover The Art of the Makeover from the Guru of Makeovers herself, Eve Michaels.

Learn Ways To:

  • Have the “Right” Image That Attracts What You Want with Less Effort and More Joy      
  • Understand the KEY Elements of Making Your Image The Best It Can Be
  • Separate the Hype from the Truth About Methods That Truly Yield the Results You Desire
  • Use Beauty and Image Secrets from the Rich and Famous at A Fraction of The Cost
  • Create a Step-by-Step, Personalized Makeover Plan