About Eve Michaels

Eve Michaels is an Internationally Acclaimed Transformational Makeover and Image Empowerment Expert. For over 25 years Eve has been working with men and women around the globe to transform their look and lives. She works with everyone, from celebrities, corporate executives, politicians, small business owners, entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms.

As a motivational speaker, Eve captivates audiences around the globe. She has presented on some of the largest stages in the world: speaking at the same events as Tony Robbins and Robert Kyosaki. In 2009, Eve had the honor of opening the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and was asked to inspire with her message of Image Empowerment, Hope and Kindness. Eve was also part of The Master of Aesthetics team in Beverly Hills alongside many world-famous plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists to bring people the ultimate in the transformation arts.

As the best-selling author of Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy, Eve has used her unique makeover methods to reach global television and radio audiences. In the past 25 yrs she has been featured on: The Today Show, Extra, NBC Nightly News, ABC News, Entertainment Tonight, The Style Channel, BBC and ITV UK, Australia 60 Minutes, Telemundo and Univision, Japanese Public Television, Studio 512 Austin, Playboy Radio, LA Times Business, The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, Women’s World, and many more.

Eve’s love of fashion began at a very young age growing up with her father’s successful clothing business. After attending college, Eve owned and operated two clothing stores in Los Angeles. As an outreach of her boutiques, she began a fashion show business for local charities and fund-raisers. She later became a certified Image Consultant and served on the LA board of AICI. She also served as the Image Makeover Expert for T Harv Ecker’s self-improvement seminar for 5 years, doing live makeover shows and teaching about Image Empowerment in her Image Beauty Boot Camps and Men’s Overhaul Programs in New York and Los Angeles. She then worked with Success Resources in Singapore, Malaysia, London, Italy and Germany teaching about Image and Success.

Eve understands the corporate world, as she worked for a prominent Outplacement firm in Los Angeles, transforming executives’ appearance with the goal of helping them attain new higher paying positions: often doubling and tripling their incomes. She has also worked with Dr. Paul Nassif of the famed TV Show, Botched, doing extreme style makeovers that included plastic surgery.

Eve’s life has been dedicated to helping people understand the important role their image has in their success, self-empowerment, confidence and influence while teaching them the skills to have the right image for a lifetime. Her groundbreaking work and teachings have combined the Art and Science of Dressing Well with the understanding of energy in the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics all with the goal of creating a more Empowered You!