The ‘right image’ that is in sync with our personality and profession will make your confidence soar! Your best image works for your physical characteristics, coloring, body proportions, and energy. Your image creates a powerful advantage, both in your professional and personal life and projects a power and an authenticity that can gain you instant respect and admiration. When you learn how to consistently “strategize to emphasize” the best of you — you take complete control of your appearance and begin to make a great first impression every time.

Self Empowerment

Knowing how to present yourself to your best advantage, whether at work, social events or on your days off…gives you that added edge. The knowledge you need to manage your image is offered to you in the most exquisite way with one goal in mind: to empower you! When you love what you see in the mirror your self-esteem is enhanced and energized. You learn to brand yourself 24/7 with way more ease than you ever anticipated, allowing every opportunity to be seized. If you can’t manage your own personal appearance, it weakens your power. With our Image Programs you can learn how to shine!


When you love what you see in the mirror, your self-esteem and personal empowerment is enhanced and energized. Knowing how to present yourself to your best advantage, whether at work, social events or on your days off — gives you that added edge and advantage over others. With the right education and knowledge you will learn how to create a powerful personal brand that will open many doors of opportunity. Managing your personal image can be a Game Changer for your life. Stop settling for less and holding yourself back. Create the best version of YOU for life-changing results!

Image Empowerment by Eve Michaels will help you to:

  • Excel with inner and outer harmony
  • Increase your influence as an expert in your field
  • Become more confident and empowered
  • Maintain an image that opens doors
  • Earn more respect and recognition more easily

Ever wondered why you have been passed over for the promotion or raise you so earnestly deserve? Why clients don’t trust you more easily or don’t find you relatable? Why you can’t find the right significant other? Or why you feel young yet get treated like you are old and out of touch?

Don’t wait until you have more money, lose weight or get the right job to make a change. Today is the day to change your life with a more empowered and professional image!

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